• Albacore Tuna

    Profile Albacore tuna is caught in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Vancouver Island. It’s a highly nutritious and sought after seafood product. About Albacore tuna can be served in many ways from raw as sashimi to seared. Tuna is high in protein and omega 3 fats. Most Common Varieties Did you know?

  • Geoduck  

    Profile The geoduck clam is a bivalve mollusk, and it is indigenous to coastal B.C.   About Geoduck clam meat is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as B12 and iron. Many chefs serve Geoduck raw in sushi or sashimi, but it can also be sautéed, stir-fried, or cooked in a hot pot.  …

  • Scallops 

    Fresh all year round!   Scallops are transferred to deep-water tenures where they are suspended in a mesh bag (suspension culture) or are seeded on the ocean floor (bottom culture). Wild scallops are commercially harvested around November to March. About: Scallops can be pan fried, boiled, BBQ, or even ate raw. Most Common Varieties: Did you…

  • Mussels 

    A Coastal B.C. Gem! B.C.’s coastal waters provide a great location to grow shellfish, especially Vancouver Island, the Georgia Basin, and the Sunshine Coast. About: Mussels mature into a marketable size over an 18-to-36-month period in deep-water tenures where they are suspended in mesh socks.   Most Common Varieties: Did you know?

  • Spot Prawns 

    Profile: B.C. spot prawns are the largest of seven commercial species of shrimp found on Canada’s west coast. About: B.C. Spot Prawns are a delicacy known around the world for their sweet flavour and firm texture.   Did you know?

  • Halibut – Pacific 

    Profile: Native to B.C., Pacific Halibut is a large, flatfish species, regularly weighing in at over 150 lbs. About: Pacific Halibut is an excellent source of high-quality protein and minerals, and is low in sodium, fat, and calories. Did you know?

  • Crab – Dungeness 

    Profile: Caught along the coast of B.C., Dungeness Crab is an iconic West Coast seafood that is enjoyed year-round. About: Dungeness Crab is known for its sweet, buttery taste. It’s an excellent source of high-quality protein and is rich in zinc, magnesium, and Omega 3.  Did you know?

  • Salmon 

    Profile: Wild B.C. salmon’s life cycle and migration patterns create five distinct salmon species that are enjoyed by British Columbians and consumers all around the world. Farmed salmon produced in B.C. are available year-round. About: Salmon is a delicious source of high-quality protein and fat that can be enjoyed in many flavor combinations, cooking methods,…

  • Oysters 

    A National Leader:  B.C. is the leading producer of farmed oysters in Canada. In 2021, 8,000 tons of farmed oysters were harvested in B.C.—a wholesale value of $32 million!  About: Oysters are low in calories and rich in nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. They’re a good source of zinc, iron, and vitamin…