B.C. food brings us together

When you enjoy local food and beverages, you support B.C. growers, producers and businesses. British Columbians are proud to support the people behind B.C.’s food and beverage industry. 

An Overview of B.C.’s Agriculture and Food Industry

Diverse Sector

B.C. produces over 200 primary agriculture products and over 100 types of seafood—most of these products are available year-round.

Industry Strong

In 2022, B.C.’s agriculture, seafood, and food and beverage processing industry generated a record 20 billion in sales!

Creating Jobs

B.C.’s agrifood and seafood sector provides more than 73,000 jobs. That’s 1 in 4 working British Columbians.

Family-Owned Farms

B.C. has over 15,500 farms and 98% are family-owned businesses.

Food & Beverage

Processed food and beverage sales in B.C. were $14.2 billion in 2022 (+13.6% from 2021). In fact, the food and beverage processing sector is the second largest manufacturing sector in the province, in terms of sales.

Indigenous Operators

There are 730 Indigenous identifying farm operators in BC. That’s 3.7% of B.C.’s farm population!

Female Farms

British Columbia has the highest percentage of female farm operators in the country.

Learn more about B.C. foods

Eating seasonally supports our farmers, producers and the local economy. Discover what’s in season, so you can Buy BC year-round.

Add B.C. ingredients to your meals

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