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A Coastal B.C. Gem!

B.C.’s coastal waters provide a great location to grow shellfish, especially Vancouver Island, the Georgia Basin, and the Sunshine Coast.


Mussels mature into a marketable size over an 18-to-36-month period in deep-water tenures where they are suspended in mesh socks.  

Most Common Varieties:

  • Blue Mussel (M. edulis)  
  • Gallo Mussel (M. Galloprovincialis) 

Did you know?

  • 52% of B.C. shellfish is grown in the Comox Valley.
  • The Western Ridged Mussel, Gonidea angulate (Lea) is the rarest type of mussel in B.C.
  • Freshwater mussels live in both rivers and lakes.

Recipes that use Mussels or other B.C. commodities