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Sweet and Sour!  

The perfect fruit for enjoying fresh in the summer or frozen all year round!


B.C. produces over half of Canadian raspberries. Abbotsford is the top producing region in the province.

Most Common Varieties:

  • Summer fruiting raspberries: The majority of B.C. acreage is in summer-fruiting raspberries. These are harvested for fresh or processing markets.
  • Autumn fruiting raspberries: A small amount of acreage is in fall-fruiting raspberries. These are harvested for fresh markets.

Did you know?

  • Raspberries grow best in well drained, sandy, soils, which is why Abbotsford is so well suited to raspberry production.
  • All fresh market raspberries are harvested by hand.
  • The flowers on summer-fruiting raspberries appear in May and June and are pollinated by honeybees and bumblebees!

Recipes that use Raspberries or other B.C. commodities