Crab – Dungeness 

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Caught along the coast of B.C., Dungeness Crab is an iconic West Coast seafood that is enjoyed year-round.


Dungeness Crab is known for its sweet, buttery taste. It’s an excellent source of high-quality protein and is rich in zinc, magnesium, and Omega 3. 

Did you know?

  • During harvest, female Dungeness crabs must be released. Only male crabs can be kept, as long as they’re at least 6.5 inches in width.
  • Cancer magister, the Latin name recognized by the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), is often associated with the astrological June zodiac sign, “cancer”. 
  • The carapace, or hard outer shell, tends to have an array of colors ranging from yellow-brown to plum purple. Along with four pairs of walking legs, the Dungeness crab also has a pair of claws.

Recipes that use Crab – Dungeness or other B.C. commodities