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Gobble gobble! 

B.C. turkey production is mainly concentrated in the Fraser Valley, with small flocks produced around the province!


Turkey was traditionally purchased for enjoying at special holiday dinners, but shoppers are purchasing year-round as an excellent source of protein that is low in cholesterol and fat.

Most Common Varieties:

  • Female domesticated turkeys are known as “hens” and male turkeys are referred to as “toms”.

Did you know?

  • B.C. has 62 registered turkey growers that raise over 1.9 million turkeys per year.
  • In B.C., turkeys are fed a well-balanced diet containing mixed grains and oil seeds for healthy growth and development!
  • In 2022, Canadian households consumed a total of 6.4 million whole turkeys.

Recipes that use Turkey or other B.C. commodities