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A Local Favourite: 

British Columbians eat more mushrooms than most other Canadians.


B.C. mushrooms are fresh and available year-round! Find them in the produce department at local grocery stores or at farmers’ markets! 

Most Common Varieties:

  • White Button 
  • Brown (Crimini) 
  • Portobello  
  • Chanterelle  
  • Lobster 
  • Morel 
  • Truffle  

Did you know?

  • In B.C., most mushrooms are grown in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.  
  • About 95% of cultivated mushrooms are sold fresh. The remainder are sold processed, either canned or drained. 
  • There are about 60 wild, edible, gourmet mushrooms found in B.C. 

Recipes that use Mushrooms