Kaslo Sourdough

For the last thirty years the second-generation family business behind Kaslo Sourdough has transformed people’s expectations of wheat and wheat-based pastas.

“My dad devoted his life to studying natural fermented foods, especially anything and everything to do with sourdough,” says Heidi Lettrari, General Manager at Kaslo Sourdough. “My siblings and I grew up in this environment of sourdough, natural fermentation, and living bacteria.”

Kaslo Sourdough’s sourdough pastas are made with a natural sourdough bacterial culture and are known for their rich flavours and digestive benefits. Over the past nine years, Kaslo Sourdough has delivered wholesale sourdough pastas from Kaslo, B.C. all the way across North America.

With support from the BC Government’s Buy BC Partnership Program, Kaslo Sourdough has redesigned their product packaging to take the brand to the next level. Their colourful and iconic packaging is as recognizable as ever – though now with the new Buy BC logo.

“Since adding the Buy BC logo, we have seen more sales, and more direct online orders from our online store from individuals, as well as more connections on social media and comments that people love that our sourdough pastas are a Canadian-made and B.C.-made product. The logo helps drive this home for customers.”

Through comprehensive online marketing efforts, Kaslo Sourdough is ensuring local foodies and health food enthusiasts can learn more about their signature pastas.

Image of packaged Kaslo Sourdough pasta with closeup of Buy BC logo.

Buy BC Acknowledgment

This project was supported by the BC Government’s Buy BC Partnership Program to support the demand and sales of B.C.’s food and beverage products across the province.