Oat Milk: Plain


Plant Veda

Plant Veda is an award winning plant-based dairy company making lassis, yogurts, and oat milks. Instead of adding heavily refined ingredients, we focus on blending multiple natural ingredients to create the same taste and texture as dairy. Our lassis and yogurts contain 15 billion probiotics and pre-biotics to support healthy digestion. Recently Plant Veda aquired Nora’s and is now manufacturing plant-based ice creams with natural ingredients and minimal processing. Their 25,000 sqft space in Delta also serves as a plant-based co-packing facility specializing in almond, soy, cashew, and oat.

Delta, British Columbia



Product Details

Made with Canadian Gluten free oats, with no oils added, our oat milk has higher percentage of oats compared to store bought oat milks. We also provide bulk milk dispensers at our cost, based on the volumes. Product of Plant Veda.

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