Photo credit: Fort Langley Farmers’ Market & Johann Vincent Photography 

There’s something charming about B.C. farmers’ markets. They’re the perfect place to discover fresh, local, in-season food, connect with your community and learn about where your food comes from. There’s over 145 to visit in B.C.!

In our guide, we’ll answer your top questions about visiting a B.C. farmers’ market.

What can you expect when visiting a B.C. farmers’ market?

Farmers’ markets bring local farmers, food processors and artisans together. People visit farmers’ markets for many reasons—the community gathering experience, the opportunity to talk directly to farmers, and the reassurance that they’re eating fresh, locally sourced food.

Photo credit: Bowen Island Community Market & Johann Vincent Photography Photography 

What can you find at farmers’ markets?

You can find fresh, local in-season food and artisan goods. Take home fruits, veggies, locally raised meats and eggs, artisanal cheese, savoury treats, honey, craft beer, wine, spirits, preserves, local flowers, handmade goods and so much more!

Photo credit: Coquitlam Farmers’ Market & Johann Vincent Photography

Why is it important to shop at BC farmers’ markets?

When you shop at farmers’ markets, you’re directly supporting farmers and other local businesses. Vendors get 100% of the retail price when you shop at farmers’ markets. When you purchase directly from farmers, you’re supporting small, local growers, artisans, and producers and keeping money in your community.

Plus, enjoy fresh, local, and in-season food at its peak of freshness.

Photo credit: Fort Langley Farmers’ Market & Johann Vincent Photography 

How can I find a BC farmers’ market in my community?

The B.C. Farmers’ Market Trail is your go-to place to find a local farmers’ market. Use the online platform to filter farmers’ markets by region, community and preferred season. Each farmers’ market destination has something unique to offer.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about B.C. farmers’ markets, visit:

Photo credit: Fort Langley Farmers’ Market & Johann Vincent Photography