Vegilante Plant Based Foods

The vegetable vigilantes at this plant-based food company not only wield the benefits of high protein tempeh, but also wield the strength of a resilient and innovative start-up that wasn’t about to let a pandemic stop them.

Using Buy BC e-commerce funding, founder Martin Rivard adjusted his business model. “With the pandemic I have essentially stopped participating in markets, which is a huge revenue stream for Vegilante. This project allowed me to invest in an e-commerce platform that is simple to manage and user friendly for customers.”

“Being able to hire consultants, implement best practices and really understand this platform’s potential has helped me connect with clients, stay relevant in the market and continue generating cash flow in the most chaotic year of my life.” Vegilante quickly adapted and stayed connected with their clients through contactless delivery and a newsletter. Staying in touch with their clients through their e-commerce platform has enabled them to learn about potential opportunities for product development and expansion. “After investigating this opportunity highlighted by the pandemic, we made moves to get into the tofu game. We are getting close to having full approval for tofu production, thus adding to our high protein plant-based offering.”

“This project has increased the resiliency of my business and has taken a huge load of stress off my shoulders as an entrepreneur.” As a result of investing in e-commerce activities, Vegilante increased their online sales over $10 000 and allowed them to reach more consumers with a growth of 74% in website traffic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay connected with your clients and adapt to their needs.
  • Be open to new ways of conducting business, remain flexible.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for their input/help.
  • Even in a pandemic, people still need to eat.
Two packages of vegilante next to someone sitting to eat plated meal of greens, tempeh, mushrooms, and carrots.