Buy BC and Support Local During COVID-19

When you Buy BC, you support the local farmers and producers who bring it to us. There’s never been a more important time to Buy BC and enjoy fresh, high-quality food from here at home. Buy BC to support local restaurants, farmers and food producers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support Local Restaurants:

Here are ways to Buy BC and support local restaurants:

  • Dine at restaurants that are open
  • Order take-out, drive thru or use food delivery services
  • Purchase a restaurant gift card for a friend, or to use later
  • Choose local products whenever you can
  • Support B.C. restaurants and businesses on social media

Find Take-Out and Delivery Restaurants in BC:

Support BC Farmers’ Markets:

Buy BC Online and Support BC Farmers and Food Producers:

Plant Something BC:

Additional COVID-19 resources relating to BC agriculture & seafood:

BC Provincial News:

Councils and Associations:

Food Industry:


When You Buy BC, You Support British Columbians

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